16 03, 2018

Venezia – Rialto bridge


Once planned to be a floating bridge in 1181, but in 1591 has been terminated the final construction of the new bridge by the architect Antonio Da Ponte, whose design has survived till current days. Today, as it has always [...]

Venezia – Rialto bridge2019-03-17T10:24:22+01:00
16 03, 2018

Venezia – Jewish Ghetto


In 1516 the government of Serenissima decided that all the jewish population must live under a srtict control where they could practise onle few professions, of which money loaning and medicine. The word "ghetto" derives from the term "geti" then [...]

Venezia – Jewish Ghetto2019-03-17T10:22:23+01:00
16 03, 2018

Venezia – Venice Casino


Venice has been the seat of the most ancient Casino of the world since 1638. In the 30's it's been founded the Casino at Venice Lido island and then substituted definitively to the one at Vendramin Palace on the Grand [...]

Venezia – Venice Casino2019-03-17T10:20:40+01:00
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